THE GRAVY BOYS make ACOUSTIC AMERICANA MUSIC by adding a cup of country, a pinch of roots rock, a handful of honky-tonk, a splash of bluegrass, a dash of hobo folk, stirring vigorously, and letting it simmer 'til the pot bubbles over...

Are we excited for MerleFest? 

Yes. Yes, we are!

Ok, so we only have one official performance slot, BUT, if enough of YOU GUYS show up to the band competition, Saturday at 1:00 at the Plaza Stage, and clap and hollar and WHOOP IT UP real good, why then we'd probably win the shooting match, and find ourselves up on the big ol' Watson Stage on Saturday evening!


Waddaya waitin' for?
Come home to MerleFest!


Song of the Mountains aired on Sun. Nov 23 - WUNC-TV! 

Our episode of "Song of the Mountains" aired on WUNC-TV, the North Carolina PBS station, on Sunday, November 23rd, at 6:00 pm. Thanks all for tuning in, and for showing your support on Facebook and Twitter and the like!

Song of the Mountains is syndicated to public broadcasters all over the country, and we've had a warm response from new friends and fans from see to shining sea.

A visual summary of our BIG TIME in l'il ole Marion VA!

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