THE GRAVY BOYS make ACOUSTIC AMERICANA MUSIC by adding a cup of country, a pinch of roots rock, a handful of honky-tonk, a splash of bluegrass, a dash of hobo folk, stirring vigorously, and letting it simmer 'til the pot bubbles over...

Song of the Mountains to be aired Sun. Nov 23 - WUNC-TV! 

We just learned that our episode of "Song of the Mountains" will be aired on WUNC-TV, the North Carolina PBS station, on Sunday, November 23rd, at 6:00 pm. It was a really fun show, and a high-quality production, so be sure to tune in, or set your DVR!!

Song of the Mountains is syndicated to public broadcasters all over the country. Each local PBS station sets their own schedule, so your local provider may or may not air the show at this same time. 

If you live in North Carolina, and you are a WUNC-TV viewer, you can visit their website for information about the broadcast. If you live outside of NC, please check with your local PBS station schedule, to see if they distribute "Song of the Mountains", and when our episode will be aired.  

A visual summary of our BIG TIME in l'il ole Marion VA!


The Regulator and Suspicious Minds - Lincoln Theater - IBMA 2014 

We had a great time playing during IBMA's World of Bluegrass Festival here in our hometown of Raleigh in early October. Here is a snippet of the fun we had playing at the Lincoln Theater, right in front of Del McCoury and Friends. Thanks Gravy Nation for showing up to support us, and thanks to the many new friends and fans who showed up for this great event.

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